Trade Advisory

Exporthub Nigeria Limited (ENL) is structured among other things to offer detailed trade advisory to both seller and buyers, importers and exporters of Nigerian agro-commodities facilitating their transactions. To effectively provide these advisory or bridging services, we carried out the following to better equip our clients on relevant information.

Market Information: This covers brief description of the market as regards ta particular commodity, service or a process.

Find Contacts: Bringing the buyer in contact with the seller, importer (foreign buyers) with exporters.

Check Reputation: We carried out background checks on the existence and transaction history of parties involved in a trade in an attempt to uncover fraud or confer legitimacy.

Introduce Your Company: We introduce our clients to a counter party (buyer or seller) in a professional manner the view to initiate a business relationship.

Choose a Transport Structure: Decides the best transportation means to use (Shipping or Cargo) depending on the type of agro products, volume, pricing, urgency of demands, best practice in terms of packaging, etc.

Products Pricing: Proper product pricing is one of the most important element in international trade. The price must be competitive and at the same time covers all the cost plus a reasonable profit margin. ENL boasts of expertise in assisting our clients in unraveling all the inherent cost in any agro transaction.

Negotiate an Agreement (Purchase Order / LC) At ENL we assists clients (buyers or importers) to prepare a purchase order or raised a standard letter of credits while sellers (exporters) are advised on the relevant information or line item that must be on any of these documents.

A typical Purchase Order must contains the following:

- Purchase order number
- Purchase order date
- Vendor name and address
- Buyer name and address
- Delivery date
- Shipping method
- Shipping terms
- Item name
- Item description and technical information
- Item quantity
- Item unit cost
- Line total
- Taxes
- Total price
- Payment information

A standardized letter of credits must contains the following elements:

Applicant: The buyer in the business transaction.

Beneficiary: The seller of the goods and services and the ultimate recipient of payment in the business transaction. The beneficiary needs to provide all the required documents for the letter of credit to be processed.

Issuing Bank: The issuing bank provides an assurance to the beneficiary that the payment will be paid duly if all the documents presented comply with the stipulations stated in the letter of credit. The issuing bank also needs to examine the documents submitted by the beneficiary. It is absolutely liable to pay once all the terms and conditions in the LC are complete.

Advising Bank: The advising bank advises the beneficiary and helps him to use the letter of credit. It pays the beneficiary once the issuing bank makes the payment. It also has the responsibility to send the required documents to the issuing bank. The advising bank has no obligation to pay if the issuing bank is unable to pay the beneficiary.

Confirming Bank: The confirming bank confirms the letter of credit and assumes the same obligation as the issuing bank. The confirming bank is typically the advising bank. The conforming bank does a strict evaluation of the country and the issuing bank before confirming the LC.

A typical trade specification for an agro commodity is as follows:

Origin: Nigeria
Type: Unhulled/Hulled Sesame Seeds
Price: Negotiable per kg/Ton
Trial Order: 10 – 20 Metric Tonnes
Trade Process: FOB/CIF
Payment Method: 100% irrevocable L/C at Sight
Packaging: As Preferred by the Buyers / 50 kg per Bag
Container Size: 40ft/20ft depending on Tonnage
Shipping Time: 15 to 30 days after confirmation of L/C
Loading Port: Lagos, Nigeria

Impurity: Maximun of 2%
Admixture: Maximum of 2%
Oil Content: Minimum of 45%
Moisture Content: Maximum of 10%
Inspection: SGS

Expected Shipping Documents
- Bill of Lading
- Certificate of Origin
- Commercial Invoice
- Packing List
- SGS Inspection Certificate
- Phytosanitary Certificate
- Fumigation Certificate

At ENL, we offered trade advisory in general spanning from export processes and informations to agro product specific knowledge as regards sesame seed, cassava roots, cashew nut, shea butter, natural cocoa butter, cocoa beans, bitter kola, kola nut, fresh and sundried ginger, tiger nuts, pea nuts etc.

Please do contact us, if you have any questions or further enquiry.

Redefining Africa’s Agro-Commodity Trading

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