Hulled and Unhulled Sesame Seed Exporter

Exporthub Nigeria Limited (ENL) is a leading exporter of Sesame Seeds in Nigeria. The seeds are tiny little seeds that are gotten from a Sesame flowering plant in the genus Sesamum. It is harvested in different colours ranging from white to brown and black. We export the following categories of sesame seeds:

Unhulled Sesame Seeds:

Unhulled Sesame Seeds are natural sesame seeds that are still embedded in their hulls or seed coatings or chaff after harvest. They are harvested as either brown, black, or white Sesame Seeds.

Hulled Sesame Seeds:

Hulled Sesame Seeds are Sesame Seeds that have been processed to remove the hulls or outer coverings. They can also be harvested as either brown, black, or white Sesame Seeds.

At Exporthub, we supply our clients high grade (premium) seed. The best quality Sesame Seeds are not a myth and are easily identified with plain eyes. You can just go by the looks of it!

For Natural & Hulled Sesame Seeds, the first criterion is the way the seed looks. If the seeds are Whitish in the case of Natural Sesame Seeds, they can be considered to be really good quality seeds. Natural Sesame Seeds cannot be pure white, but somewhere between beige to creamy.

The same seeds are hulled to get the Hulled Sesame Seeds, however the Hulled Sesame Seeds are supposed to be pure white with no discolouration.

The second criterion for Sesame Seeds is the dimension of the seeds. The fleshier the seed, the fresher and high quality it will be. So always make sure your Sesame seeds are not flat and dry!

When it comes to Black Sesame Seeds, apart from the above mentioned criteria, what changes is the colour of the seeds. There are two types of Black Seeds, some are between Dark Brown to Black and others are pitch Black. The pitch Black Seeds are the pure and high quality ones. However, it also depends on the purpose of purchase.

Apart from the quality, the storage of the seeds is equally important. It is really crucial to store the Sesame Seeds in a cool and dry place. Wherever it is kept, its shelf life will be 18 Months.

Sesame seeds are a very good source of calcium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin B1, selenium and dietary fibres. This is a great source of energy recommended for body builders. So it is very important to purchase the right seeds and store them well so as to get all the nutrition it can provide to your body!

At Exporthub, we export – both unhulled (natural) and hulled - Sesame seeds (white & brown)from Nigeria to any part of the globe – Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and other African countries – in an efficient and timely manner while not compromising on quality.

We offer competitive prices and guarantee both adherence to contractual specifications and a reliable stable supply.

Our Sesame Seed Specification:

  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Type: Unhulled/Hulled Sesame Seeds
  • Price: Negotiable per kg/Ton
  • Trial Order: 10 – 20 Metric Tonnes
  • Trade Process: FOB/CIF
  • Payment Method: 100% irrevocable L/C at Sight
  • Packaging: As Preferred by the Buyers / 50 kg per Bag
  • Container Size: 20ft FCL
  • Shipping Time: 15 to 30 days after confirmation of L/C
  • Loading Port: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Specifications

  • Purity: Minimum of 98%
  • Admixture: Maximum of 2%
  • Oil Content: Minimum of 45%
  • Moisture Content: Maximum of 9%
  • Inspection: SGS / Bureau Veritas
  • Expected Shipping Documents

  • - Bill of Lading
  • - Certificate of Origin
  • - Commercial Invoice
  • - Packing List
  • - Phytosanitary Certificate
  • - Fumigation Certificate
  • - SGS/Bureau Veritas Inspection Certificate

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