Exporthub Nigeria Limited (ENL) renders export brokerage services. As a corporate broker or agent we acts as an intermediary between buyer and seller in the international market. At ENL, we enables both parties to execute transactions by bringing the two interested parties together and facilitate the trade. We charge a reasonable commission for brokering the transaction.

ENL only broker the deal but is not liable to any of the fiduciary duties inherent in an agency relationship or in custom brokering services involving clearance services for the goods that are exported to international markets. We only find export opportunities for our clients in international markets and charge a commission for the services rendered.

ENL is a merchandise broker meaning we only facilitates our clients to set terms and conditions such as price, quantity, delivery time, and purchase return etc. We mainly negotiate the contract but do not send or receive products on behalf of clients.

At ENL, we broker trade in sesame seed, cassava roots, cashew nut, shea butter, natural cocoa butter, cocoa beans, bitter kola, kola nut, fresh and sundried ginger, tiger nuts, peanuts etc.

Looking for a brokerage firms that can link you to a trusted, reliable and verifiable buyers or sellers of agro commodity from Nigeria, Exporthub Nigeria Limited (ENL) is a company you should really consider.

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